…for our natural environment

and quality of life.

Mag. Johannes KostenzerUmweltanwalt des Landes Tirol
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Native Tyrolean Cereal Varieties

They are a treasure that is becoming increasingly valuable for grain cultivation in times of global warming: o...


Sensibilität des Hochgebirgsraums

Das Hochgebirge ist ein bisher wenig erschlossener Raum. Durch steigenden Raumbedarf und klimawandelbedingte S...


Artificial light

Bright Emergency In the course of the last one hundred years, the world around us has become an increasingly b...



Power generation from the Tyrol’s rivers and streams alone is enough to meets the region’s requirements fo...


Positionspapier: Sportveranstaltungen in Schutzgebieten

Sowohl Schutzgebiete als auch Sportveranstaltungen erfüllen wichtige Funktionen für unsere Gesellschaft. Let...



Skills for Tourism and Recognition of the Importance of Dark Skies


Zum Kuckuck

OPEN MIC - Your voice for a change. Brennst Du für die Natur, die Umwelt oder unsere Landschaft? Hast Du Idee...


Tyrolean Nature Guide training

In view of the growing demand for nature-discovery programmes in tourism as part of today’s travel and consu...


Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

The Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (INFF) is an international nature film competition. It offers a platform fo...

The Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman lends a voice in official proceedings to those who cannot speak for themselves: the flora and fauna, and habitats that are rare or worthy of protection. This is done in order to ensure the prudent use of our natural resources and landscape. In addition to involvement in official proceedings, the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman uses a variety of platforms to draw attention to the Tyrol’s natural assets and the need for their careful management, including nature projects, courses and forward-looking guidelines – all in accordance with the motto “For our natural environment and quality of life”.

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