Who we are

The main task of the Office of the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman is to represent the interests of nature and the environment.


This is achieved through the Environmental Ombudsman’s party status in the relevant proceedings and through public awareness building for nature conservation topics. It should be stressed that the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman participates in proceedings as a party and not as the decision-making authority.

This role as a party to proceedings is exercised in a professional manner, on an objective basis and in a spirit of dialogue so as to achieve the best possible outcome for the calls of nature and environmental protection and for all Tyroleans.

We offer all the people of the Tyrol advice and support in questions of nature and environmental protection. At the same time we promote the thoughtful and sustainable use of natural resources in the projects they initiate.


Nature Conservation Officers

Foto Elisabeth Wolf

Elisabeth Wolf, MSc

Mag. Karin Rottmar _ alle Bezirke

Mag.a Rottmar Karin

Mag. Stefanie Pontasch_alle Bezirke

Mag.a Pontasch Stefanie PhD


Mag. Dr.rer.nat Lüth Christian


Fasser Johann

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