Careful use of artificial light – experience of starry nights!

The Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsoffice puts the knowledge of „The plight with light” into practise



Programm: KP Interreg Italien-Österreich 2014-2020

Project duration 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2021

Project partner:Gemeinde Asiago (Lead), Gemeinde Talmassons, Gemeinde Karneid

Contakt: Stefanie Pontasch, PhD (0043 680 2078728,



The project SKYSCAPE, co-financed by the European fund for regional development and Interreg V-A Italien-ÖSterreich 2014-2020, is carried out by the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsoffice together with the communities of Asiago (Veneto; Lead), Talmassons (Friuli Venecia Giulia) and Karneid (Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol).



The undisturbed view of the night sky and the experience of an intact night landscape has become rare due to unlimited and often excessive use of artificial light outdoors. 99% of Europeans live in more or less light-polluted areas, in which the night sky is illuminated by unused or upwards directed artificial light.

Some areas in the Tyrol and in Italy are relatively unaffected by light pollution due to their topography and low population density. Here, people, animals and plants are exposed to an intact day and night rhythm. Here, the visitor has the exceptional opportunity to get in touch with the natural darkness and nocturnal sky phenomena.


Project goals

SKYSCAPE intends to,

  • den protect and promote the dark and unspoiled night sky

  • reduce light pollution, and

  • sensitize for the value of a dark night sky for the health and wellbeing of people, animals and plants



  • Initiatives and events to sensitize for the topic of light pollution

  • Implementation of Best Practise Examples in the field of festive, sportive and/or monumental lighting

  • Development and implementation of new astro-touristic products in selected areas.

  • Promotion of these new astro-touristic products by public events, local and transboarder communication activities

Expected Results

It is expected that the new astro-touristic itineraries and products, that invite to get in touch with the natural nocturnal life and landscape attract visitors that care for nature. This will strengthen the day and overnight tourism as well as existing infrastructure and operators in the are

The conservation and promotion of the nocturnal life and landscape will contribute to enhanced health, wellbeing and quality of life for the ecosystem, plants, animals and people.




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