What is the Office of the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman?

The Office of the Environmental Ombudsman is part of the regional administration of the Tyrol. Our main task is to represent the interests of nature and the environment.

Are you a public authority?

No. The Office of the Environmental Ombudsman for the Tyrol is an agency of the Tyrolean Regional Authority. Its job is to represent the interests of the natural environment in official proceedings, but it is not a public authority in its own right.

What does the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman do?

We represent the interests of the environment in the relevant proceedings, i.e. we endeavour to protect the diversity, character and beauty of the Tyrol’s natural and cultural landscape in the framework of official approval procedures. Our aim is not to reject every proposal submitted but simply to ensure observance of the relevant laws.
The Environmental Ombudsman also initiates and supports projects in the field of nature conservation.
We are always pleased to answer general questions relating to nature and environmental protection.

Does the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman for the Tyrol issue legally enforceable notices?

No. Since the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman is not a public authority, it cannot issue legally enforceable notices.

I wish to report a problem relating to the environment. Can you help?

Yes, please communicate the matter to us in writing in our contact form or via e-mail. Make sure you provide all the necessary details (e.g. location, type and extent of the problem) needed for us to investigate.

How many people work in the Office of the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman?

There are nine people in the Innsbruck office. In the case of nature conservation proceedings in the outlying districts, Nature Conservation Officers act on behalf of the Environmental Ombudsman. There are currently fourteen Nature Conservation Officers in the Tyrol. They work on an honorary basis.

What is a Nature Conservation Officer?

Nature Conservation Officers function as representatives of the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman in proceedings under nature protection law at the district level. They are appointed for a period of five years and work in an honorary capacity.

I should like to be of service to the environment. Can you suggest anything?

There are many ways of making a positive contribution to the environment – from reduced use of the car to active involvement in environmental protection projects; it all counts. If you want something more specific, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have internships?

Yes. Every year we employ an intern in July and August. Written applications are invited.

Why are you always against everything?

We are not really against anything; we are simply there to protect the natural environment. In many cases it is a question of going about things in the right way. Together with our experts, we collaborate with applicants and planners to find sustainable solutions. We only lodge an appeal in 3% of all cases, i.e. we object to proposals which we do not consider acceptable from an environmental point of view.

How many proceedings are you involved in per year?

The Environmental Ombudsman has party status in about 1200 approval procedures per year. A detailed opinion is submitted for every project requiring approval (from an extension to an existing path to construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel).

Where are you to be found?

Our address:
Meranerstr. 5 – 3rd floor
6020 Innsbruck

Questions can also be addressed to:

What is the benefit to the natural environment of your activities?

More environment-friendly decisions taken by public authorities, innovative and creative projects in support of the natural environment, and a general clearing house representing the interests of nature and the environment.

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