Livable cities in the 21st century – presentation by Jan Gehl

A presentation at the aut ( on November 30, 2017 at 7 p.m. within the framework of a cooperation between and the Tiroler Umweltanwaltschaft.

Since 50 years, the Danish architect and urban planner Jan Gehl has followed trends in urban development and how paradigms have changed radically around 1960. Until this time cities were built on the basis of centuries old experiences, but urban development was increasingly assigned to professional planners with their theories and ideologies. Modern age with its vision of cities as engines gained influence and the conquest of cities by automobiles led to an increasingly higher value of traffic management. The traditional meaning of a city as a place to meet and as societal forum for citizens was restricted, threatened or even “abolished”.

On the basis of his book „Cities for People“ (Ger.: “Städte für Menschen”), Jan Gehl outlines these developments and shows that, after their yearlong disregard, the needs of people come stronger to the fore again – from taking space and traffic ways for pedestrians and cyclists into account to the promotion of social functioning in public space. With the aid of globally realized projects, he presents visionary strategies that emphatically follow a people oriented development of cities.


Jan Gehl

Born in 1936; i.a. professor and researcher at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture as well as international teaching at universities in Edinburgh, Vilnius, Oslo, Toronto, Calgary, Melbourne, Perth, Berkeley, San José, Guadalajara and Cape Town; working as co-founder of Gehl Architects for urban development projects in Kopenhagen, London, Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Moscow; Member of Honor of RIBA, AIA, RAIC and PIA; i.a. “Sir Patrick Abercrombie Prize” of UIA

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