Amphibian tunnel between Serfaus and Pfunds in the "Upper Inn Valley"

Modification of the culvert at km 16.24 on the B180 Reschen highway to permit amphibian passage: In the last few years, the River Inn has been renatured and broadened between the hamlets of Stein and Schönegg. The results of the Via Claudia Augusta Habitat Network and Wildlife Corridor study led to the decision to modify an existing culvert beneath the Reschen highway to make it suitable for amphibians. The work involved filling the bottom third of the culvert with gravel and mixed substrate and installing a drainage pipe to ensure that the culvert is wet but not completely full of water. This was done to enable amphibians to migrate from the landside slopes and farmland to the amphibian ponds and riverine woodland. The modification has been performed as a temporary measure. If large numbers of amphibians make use of the culvert to migrate, it would be meaningful to provide a permanent solution for amphibian passage under the road.

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