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Power generation from the Tyrol’s rivers and streams alone is enough to meets the region’s requirements for electricity from renewable energy sources. For years, power generation in the Tyrol has by far exceeded consumption. 

That raises the question whether sections of streams that are worthy of protection and whether every river in the Tyrol really have to be exploited for energy production or whether, in the interest of sustainable development, a few streams and rivers should be preserved for future generations without any significant changes to the water balance.

Artificial light

Bright Emergency
In the course of the last one hundred years, the world around us has become an increasingly brighter place.

When night falls, thousands of artificial light sources are switched on.

The sensitivity of the high mountains

The high mountains form an area that has so far seen little development. With today’s growing demand for space and relocation of infrastructure – especially for winter tourism – as a result of climate change, the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman for the Tyrol is observing increasing interest in land use in the high mountains.

The high mountains constitute a natural space of significant biodiversity, with large numbers of highly specialised species and biotopes. Many of them are protected; they are on the Red List or correspond to one of the habitat types listed in the Habitats Directive. Many of them react with great sensitivity to even minimal changes and impacts. In keeping with the precautionary principle, the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman for the Tyrol is calling for maximum awareness and care in the use of the high mountains. In the opinion of the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman for the Tyrol, it is essential to define boundaries for the protection of the high mountains, as already implemented in other plans issued by the regional authority, in order to avoid any further negative impacts on the vegetation and terrain.

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