INFF - Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

The Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (INFF) is an international nature film competition. It offers a platform for dedicated nature filmmakers to present their latest productions. The festival extends over a 4-day period during which film presentations and a sophisticated program invite you to experience professional, ecological and artistic intercommunication. Since 2002 the “Innsbrucker Naturfilmtage” have been a regular cultural appointment in the Tyrol. INFF has developed from there; the evolution into an international nature film competition took place in 2013. The venture was justified with over 550 submissions from 83 countries and all five continents in 2015.

The aim of INFF is to create an event that provides the worldwide latest and best film productions focusing on nature/environment, and to present up-to-date developments and impacts in this field. The films are intended to evoke an emotional response as well as provoke debates and discussions.
As such, INFF aims to establish an attractive venue for filmmakers specialized in nature/environment in order to give them the opportunity to present their intricate and committed work in an adequate setting. INFF considers itself a platform for exchange and discussion on nature films.
During the festival, the potential of film as a medium can be experienced in its full spectrum and is not intended to be reduced to documentations at all. Hence, all nature film producers and video artists are encouraged to take part. The program intends to convey a joyful, young and positive contact to nature and landscape, beyond the genre of film.


The central location of Innsbruck as capital of the Alps has an additional appeal to establish a platform for exchange, discussion and discovery of nature and environment. With its attractive nature and landscape the Tyrol is the perfect alpine setting for the festival. The regional capital is perfectly placed between an urban and natural setting and is therefore at the forefront of responsible interaction with nature. As a result of the international approach of the film festival the Tyrol is able to project its experiences into the world. Panel discussions with special guests, workshops, etc. are an integral part of the film festival program, as well as a morning program tailored to the needs of school children.

International networking:

The nature magazine GEO collaborates with the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival as well as Canon. Since 2014, INFF has been a member of the Green Film Network (GFN).
The GFN links the worldwide most important film festivals on the subject environment and creates an interface and meeting point where information, experiences and services can be exchanged. Along with Paris, Washington, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Turin, Montreal, and Seoul Innsbruck is in pole-position of environmentally conscious film festivals.

Via INFF, the environmental ombudsman Johannes Kostenzer and his team want to achieve progressive environmental conservation through the medium of film. The aim is to make people aware of nature and conservation, regardless of where they are from.

Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

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