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Christophe Girot 
born in Paris in 1957;
1982–88 student of architecture and landscape architecture at the University of California in Berkeley; 1987–90 lecturer at UC Davis and UC Berkeley; 1989–2000 Professor and Chair at the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage, Versailles; since 2001 Full Professor of Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich; 1990–2001 Atelier Phusis & Onne SARL, Paris and Versailles; since 2001 Atelier Girot in Zurich; projects include the Invalidenpark, Berlin; master plan for the Central Campus, Zurich; Parco di Castello, Florence; Alp Transit Deposit, Sigirino (Ticino)

For many years, the architect and landscape planner Christophe Girot has been Professor of Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich, where he addresses current and future questions of landscape architecture in his teaching and research. At the ILA Institute of Landscape Architecture, which he founded in 2005, he develops strategies for quality design of the urban and rural environment in terms of aesthetics and sustainability and for the preservation of traditional cultural and urban landscapes such as gardens, parks and river landscapes. In addition to his academic activities, Girot is also a practising landscape architect with a focus on large-scale urban landscapes. One of his current major projects is the Sigirino Deposit near Lugano, where 37 million cubic metres of rock excavated for the construction of the Alp Transit railway tunnel is being transformed into an artificial landscape. The lecture is part of the “Between Architecture and Nature” series organised by AUT and the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman for the Tyrol and will address in particular the interfaces and transitions between the urban and natural environments – a subject that is of ubiquitous relevance in Innsbruck.

Lecture organised in cooperation with the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman for the Tyrol as part of the “Between Architecture and Nature” series

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TT on 12 April 2012 „Lichtungen für künstlich Neues“



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