Kein schöner Land? Landschaftsgestaltung – ein fragiles Terrain

Maria Auböck and János Kárász specialized the work of their shared atelier on landscape architecture. Beside their planning and creation of landscape design, parks, urban places and architectural free spaces they also dedicate their work on the care and preservation of historical gardens as well as their contemporaneous development.

The renaissance garden of Ambras castle in Innsbruck revived via a citation and recently they created urban space between a generation residence and the river Inn in Innsbruck too.                                                                              

The talk of Maria Auböck and János Kárász illuminates the fragile terrain of landscape architecture with international examples.

Often, landscape architecture is a walk on eggshells between regulations, orchestration and transfiguration.

Exchangeable customary in a place is part of our reality; a permanent search for identity and looking for context are state of the art. Which scopes and potential spaces emerge from this background? How is it possible to generate responsibility for landscape? “Paradoxal interventions” propose interesting approaches: e.g. discussions about time as relevant aspect.   (Auböck + Kárász)

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