Between architecture and nature

In today’s urban areas, landscape is sometimes designed by architects and spatial planners. Where glaciers and then streams and rivers once shaped the landscape, the open spaces – the landscape – in densely built-up areas is now being designed by architects and engineers. Only rarely has an overarching objective been defined for achieving a harmonious whole with the brick and concrete mountains, and rarely is there a strategy in place for establishing a link – bringing added value for society – between the natural environment and the landscape as a product of organic development on the one hand and buildings on the other. Investigating this interface between nature and architecture, between the man-made (urban) landscape and the natural landscape is the purpose of a joint event platform established by AUT (Architecture and Tyrol) and the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman for the Tyrol. The focus is on providing quality access to the natural environment, further improving the various recreational spaces in the vicinity of residential areas, and on a discourse on the subject that does not shy away from controversy. As the region’s ecological conscience, the Office of the Environmental Ombudsman has a special interest in a debate on the potential and limits of general concepts at the interface between spatial planning, architecture and nature.

No beautiful country?

Maria Auböck and János Kárász specialized the work of their shared atelier on landscape architecture. Beside their planning and creation of landscape design, parks, urban places and architectural free spaces they also dedicate their work on the care and preservation of historical gardens as well as their contemporaneous development. More... 

It's the landscape, stupid

Gardens are an obsession for the graphic and object artist and landscape designer Mario Terzic. At the beginning of the 1990s, he was appointed professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where he established the Department of Landscape Design in 2000 with a combined focus on the history of gardens, gardening, botany and landscape planning. More...

Space - Nature – Architecture

For many years, the architect and landscape planner Christophe Girot has been Professor of Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich, where he addresses current and future questions of landscape architecture in his teaching and research. At the ILA Institute of Landscape Architecture, which he founded in 2005, he develops strategies for quality design of the urban and rural environment in terms of aesthetics and sustainability and for the preservation of traditional cultural and urban landscapes such as gardens, parks and river landscapes. more...

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